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WHAT DID YOU CALL ME? - A Glen Wakeman Interview

Glen Wakeman Startup Goals Interview

A job title describes the role and status of the employee. It is a label that can be easily understood by others and is frequently used for comparative purposes. Basic considerations for job titles include;

Are job titles necessary for your organization? People tend to act like whatever they are called. Job titles can be used a weapon in the wrong hands as it could limit the employees sense of duty, ownership, responsibility or engagement. As a result, when business need flexibility, as many start-ups do, job titles may not be helpful. At the very least, they should be as generic as possible to reduce constraints and enable collaboration.

Is the goal consistent with the company’s vision, mission and strategy? Inconsistencies create misalignment and confusion. Taken together, they put your business at risk. Goals that provide a roadmap to success and are easily understandable will assure alignment and better execution.

Does the goal inspire performance? Too high a mountain can demotivate even the strongest performers. Be ambitious and stretch your employees but don’t put them in a position where they repeatedly fail to meet your expectations because, well, they are just unreasonable.

Startup Goals - Glen Wakeman


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