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De-Mystifying Performance Management - Glen Wakeman Interview

Glen Wakeman Interview on Performance Management

A critical goal of Workforce Management is to improve employee output. Avoid the tendency to overcomplicate this challenge and instead focus on the basics: Goals, Metrics, Feedback. Set Goals That are directly related to your financial performance. Think through every role and make sure it is adding value to your enterprise. If you can’t quantify the value, it probably isn’t adding any.

Measure performance Against those goals in an objective, fact-oriented way. Assure the collection of data is accurate and repeatable. Quantifying the plan versus actual outcomes is the clearest, easiest, and most effective way to drive performance.

Make Changes To the employee base, whenever necessary, in a controlled and policy driven way. Fact based conversations will enable root cause analysis, rewards and recognition, and course corrections wherever necessary. Don’t worry about fairness. Objective consistency begets fairness.

Performance Management Interview with Glen Wakeman

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