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Change Management for Business Leaders by Glen Wakeman

Clen Wakeman - Change Management

The 3 key fundamentals of change management require you to first define your end state, then take an inventory of your current state and finally make changes in blocks to minimize your risk.

Defining the End State requires you to have a clear vision of what you are trying to build.

You need to know what success looks like when all is said and done so that you can construct a roadmap of changes that your employees can follow. Clearer is better. Confusion leaves things to chance and instability is not helpful when undergoing significant changes.

Performing an As – is assessment of your company.

An “As - Is” assessment of your business is akin to taking a Physical Inventory of your warehouse or desk drawers. In order to move your company forward, you really need to understand your starting point. Taking the time to actually and accurately write down where you are helps debunk urban myths. It gives you a solid understanding of your starting point.

When eating an elephant, it is best to do it a bite at a time.

Compartmentalize your changes into sections to reduce risk. Start with non customer facing activities like administration. Move to low risk customer facing activities, and finally higher risk customer facing operations. Reduce your risk of losing current business while you pivot your business by changing your company in controllable blocks.

Glen Wakeman ADVICE about Change Management

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