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When Salary isn’t Enough by Glen Wakeman CEO/Startup Advisor

There is no fun in repeatedly discussing unmet salary demands with your employees. Someone always loses (or at least feels that way). Put an end to the suffering by examining duties and expectations, make adjustments if possible. But if impossible, call it a day.

Glen Wakeman Salary and Biography

Start with the job and not the person

Examine the role content to see if their is a mismatch between duties and compensation. Use benchmarks to be objective. Don't be stingy but don't overpay.

If that doesn't fix it, both parties need to reassess their expectations.

Perhaps the person is not affordable. Perhaps the company can't offer what they need. Perhaps you are both delusional.

If the pain and suffering persists, move on.

Don't be afraid to point out that this is a bad match and both parties will be perpetually unfulfilled. It happens. Have the confidence to make the hard call.

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