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Career Path Planning for Startup Newbies by Glen Wakeman

Planning your career path requires self awareness, active relationship management and courage.

Building your skills is a critical part of your journey. Focus on growth skills like sales and marketing, execution skills like operations or IT and governance skills like Finance, Compliance, Risk or Human Resources. You should strive be be an expert in 1 or more and fluent in all three in order to maximize your career opportunities. Seek breadth and depth.

Build networks. You can’t get there with out a helping hand and your personal networks can be the secret sauce you need. But go beyond that by creating relationship equity with others. Create the equity by making them a success and not worrying about how you benefit. If you help others succeed, you will benefit from their goodwill when you need it.

Combine skills and networks to create opportunities. You can maximize your income by solving bigger and bigger problems. Create the opportunity to do that by matching your skills with your network as you seek to find the next big problem to solve.

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