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Glen Wakeman Biography

Glen Wakeman is an entrepreneur and a successful CEO whose passion lies in the development of businesses through improving the company’s and the individuals’ they employ agility to enhance its overall performance.

He works as a financial services CEO, also a startup business owner, entrepreneurial mentor as well as an angel investor. He enjoys being a philanthropist and his actions are mainly seen through his efforts to pressure various corporations to donate and also martch those donations with part of his own finances.

Glen Wakeman usually makes it his own duty to advise all his various clients that a donation is an essential part of remaining connected as well as involved . He has worked in thirty-two different countries and has lived in six. His recommendations on donations usually cause a great impact on those entire he often talks to. He has a vast experience in the world of business and financial services due to working at GE capital and many other companies.

He is the founder Nova Four, and at the moment serves as the co-founder as well as CEO at LaunchPad Holdings founded in the year 2015. His role there gives him a chance to share all of his life experiences and knowledge with various executives from both small and large organizations helping startups and established businesses create solid business plans. He is also renowned for his 5 step performance methodology which mainly focuses on human capital, leadership empowerment, risk management and finally, execution in Business.

Glen Wakeman blogs about various issues such as global affairs, new markets, transformation as well as leadership and all these he does in a bid to provide advice to entrepreneurs of all types to help them out with facts and figures in the business world. Glen Wakeman is a great philanthropic guy and a role model to many. He guides entrepreneurs towards the life of giving for charity to help enhance cohesion and as it is, organizations that give back to the community tend to be more successful.

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