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A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING AND EVERYTHING IN ITS PLACE - A Glen Wakeman Interview on Startup Management

A Glen Wakeman Interview on Startup Management

Administration is the management of operations and day to day activities of the company. It is all of the tedious, detailed, step by step stuff that keeps your operations going and your customers happy. As an entrepreneur, building a new enterprise, every day will bring new successes, challenges and distractions. Tools that can help you get organized, prioritize, and stay focused are invaluable.

Do I know what is really important to my customers? Administrators can avoid becoming bureaucrats by keeping the customer’s needs clearly in focus. Surveys are a great way to find out and can be delivered easily via email and other digital tools. Don’t guess on this one.

Can I deliver on the value proposition? If you can define it and measure it you are likely to deliver on it. Perhaps you will need to redesign some things, put things in a different order of priority and modify others but if you spend time collecting and analyzing data as a part of your daily routine, you will be much better off. This takes a commitment of your time and energy, but it should be a normal step in your day to day administration of your company.

Do I know how we make money? Lots of little things can easily add up to a big thing. It is best to connect your operations metrics directly to your financial statements and vice versa. In that way you can assure that the administration of your company will lead to improvements in profit. Great administrators are organized, data driven, anticipate problems or always seem to work on the right things. Their insights just seem deeper than others and the best insights are those that direct drive financial results.

Managing your time, aligning your resources and providing direction and follow up are a fundamental part of your start-up effort. - Glen Wakeman


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