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Sales are money for something. Sales are an exchange of goods or services for units of value. They are a referendum from your customers on the usefulness of your company. Every transaction affirms or denies their views or your company’s value. As a start-up, sales are a part of everyone’s job. And everyone should follow the same formula:

1. Know your customer’s expectations

Be prepared to clearly explain the benefits of your products from the customers’ point of you. They may not agree or understand everything you are offering and may object but you can overcome objections by addressing them directly. If they have to work to figure out what is in it for them, chances are they won’t buy it. It starts and ends with listening.

2. Exceed your customer’s expectations

Make sure you comply with the basics and then think of a delighter. What extra can you offer that is important to them besides the basics. Make it happen and you will be repaid with repeat purchases. It requires that you really get a full understanding of what their needs are and where you fit in to their plans.

3. Repeat

Sales is a process of listening, building, adjusting, exchanging and listening again. It isn’t just being talkative, persuasion or bs. It is a profession that requires listening skills, analytics, discipline and follow through. All are characteristics of a good leader; not simply a likable person.

Developing satisfied customers are a fundamental part of building a growing company.

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