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3 Rs of Organization Development

Markets change. Business Models change. Organizations must also change. Ask yourself: R U Designed To Succeed?

Realignment doesn’t need to be a Revolution. Upheaval is chaotic, disruptive and expensive. A more practical approach to repositioning your company is to follow a 3 step process: Research, Redesign,


Research means take a physical inventory of your staffing. 4 levels down in the company. Define the roles, goals and metrics, without prejudice to individuals. Get a handle on what everyone actually works on. You might be surprised.

Compare that to your business plan and Redesign as necessary. Markets have short half lives and organizations should too. Treat the redesign like you are starting over. Define your as - is and redefine your should - be. Have the courage to be dispassionate about what changes are needed, and the wisdom to engage your team in the upcoming changes.

Regroup your resources around your plans. Engage at all levels and sell the changes. Email isn’t the way to do it. Talk to your employees about what has changed and why you need them to change too.

Don’t limit the IQ of your organization to yours. Leverage your investments in staff through analysis, alignment and communication. Better Results will follow.

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