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These Ideas Could Help You See the World While Still Keeping a Job

Leverage your existing networks for sales possibilities.

You probably have a huge set of contacts already on everything from Instagram to LinkedIn. They can all act as referrals for you and you can leverage their networks too. Take an inventory of your starting points, write a short introductory note that includes your value proposition, and ask for referrals. Once you get an inventory of leads, get them linked to your website. This is a self reinforcing process and can rapidly grow your customer base and cash flow.

Pick a low cost location to work from.

Chiang Mai in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia are two very friendly Digital Nomad locations. You should research them and they can be a good place to start. But the entire Nomad experience is about not being limited by geography (if not, just stay in your office). So explore the developing world. Just make sure the connections work.

Have a sensible cash cushion.

You need to live day to day while you get started. Even a low cost location (Peru, perhaps) can be a drain so plan for it. A good rule of thumb is 6-12 months of living expenses, in cash. If you are conservative, also have a return ticket set aside in case you want to come back to a more structured life.

Becoming a Digital Nomad is a sensible antidote to the joyless misery of day to day office work. The allure of location independence is appealing to more and more savvy gig economy workers. If you plan wisely, it can offer you a remarkably refreshing and reinvigorating career path and life experience.

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