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How Success Can Still Be Achieved While Traveling The World

If you are looking for a way to combine your gig economy skills with an exciting travel filled lifestyle, pursuing a career as a "Digital Nomad" is an option worth exploring. You can empower yourself to live and work wherever and wherever you'd like, while also expanding your understanding of the world. Location independence can be a fulfilling experience if you plan correctly.

The key ingredients are: a PC, access to WiFi, a backpack, passport, small amount of savings and digital economy skills. Digital economy skills include: UX/UI, graphic design, coding, security, PowerPoint, project coordination, primary research, fraud prevention to name a very few.

Essentially, anything you can do in an office with PC, you can do remotely, anywhere, as your own boss. You are limited only by your imagination and appetite for risk. Understanding your risks are important so please consider the following tips as you embark upon your new adventure.

Have a value proposition.

Be able to describe what you offer, and at what hourly rate, in a simple and clear sentence. Focus on benefits and not features. Gather testimonials on behalf of your work and use them to advertise. Set up a website with your name and services and target gig economy providers like Fiverr and UpWorks to get your services listed and out there.

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