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3 Steps That Can Actually Prevent Your Business From Failing


Thoughtful Perseverance" is a 3 step process designed to provide you with an alternative to giving up on your business. It's not wishful thinking or brute force. It is an alternative road-map to success.

The concept has 3 parts:

First, go back to basics and define the benefits of your offer. If your customers don't perceive value, they simply won't exchange money for whatever you are selling. It is easy to confuse benefits and features. Features appeal to you. Benefits appeal to them. Keep in mind they are the ones paying bills. Don't fall in love with your ideas. Serve their needs, not yours.

Second, when opinions are clouding your judgment you need to seek dis-confirming evidence. You need to make a course correction and have to get to the "why". It's pretty easy to find data points that support your point of view. But if it's not working, it can't be right. Look for things that are different than what you expected and understand why. Then adapt.

Third, carrying on isn't easy. It requires help so don't be afraid to ask. Build a dispassionate support group. Surround yourself with talented people that care about you, but are unafraid to challenge you. There is real value in defending your views. You may learn why it isn't working and be inspired again to make course corrections.

Believe in yourself. Don't surrender. But be smart about it.

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