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team is a group of people engaged in pursuing a common purpose. It isn’t a collection of individuals. Instead, it’s a bundle of skills, talents and capabilities that are shared for the purpose of achieving the company’s goals. High performance teams have complementary skills and talents, maintain a laser like focus on a common goal and cooperate in achieving their purpose. They don’t just follow orders; they collaborate, negotiate and sacrifice with, and for, each other. Yep. They are really hard to build. But not impossible. To get the most out of the key ingredient to your start up, determine if:

The goals are defined and explained.

Give your players a chance to play their positions but make sure they understand the purpose of the game. Help them to put their contributions into a selfless context and thereby make it easier to collaborate.

There is a diverse mix of skills and talents.

More diversity means more capabilities. This is especially important in a start-up context wherein challenges can change daily.

Expectations for acceptable team behavior have been made clear.

Conflicts drain energy, time and money. You can avoid drama in the workplace by establishing ground rules that elicit respectful treatment amongst and by the team members. If you enjoy drama, Netflix is a much more pleasant option.

Forming a great team is a fundamental part of creating a foundation for a successful start-up.

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