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ision is your aspiration for your company. It communicates to all of your constituents (employees, customers, investors) where you are headed. It helps everyone to better understand what you believe success should look like. It isn’t a strategy or a value statement. It’s basically an expression of what you want company to be when it’s all grown up. It isn’t easy to articulate your vision because it feels so personal that it can come out as a jumble of ideas. A structured and thoughtful process can really help. Just ask yourself:

Is it vivid?

Clarity is an essential component of a vision statement. If it takes longer than a sentence to describe, you need to work a bit harder on it. Your goal is to enable others to see what you see; by making your vision statement clear, you make it compelling.

Is it inspiring?

Your vision should be as inspirational to your employees as your dreams of building a new enterprise are to you. You should make sure that the world you are trying to create resonates with your team as they will be the driving force behind your success.

Is it prophetic?

Define your destiny in the vision statement. You are planting a seed and the vision statement should be forward looking and describe what it looks like when it is grown.

Dream! Define! Communicate! All three actions are a fundamental part of creating a great vision. (But don’t forget to work you’re a** off to get there).

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