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Articulating a vision, developing strategy, setting goals and performing assessments are the 4 repeatable activities within the leadership process. A vision is an end state that inspires your employees to be their best. Strategy is the series of actions you will take to get there. Goals describe your planned achievements and act as milestones or goalposts to indicate your progress. Assessments tell you how you are doing, objectively.

Ensure there is repeatability.

If you can’t repeat it, it isn’t a process. It’s a series of coincidences. Repetition leads to perfection and will help you set the right example for your team.

Treat every day like it’s your first day.

Relive the wonders and fears and then take comfort in the fact that it isn’t your first day, you know a lot of stuff already and you just need to make plans to change the things you don’t like. Now that you know what to do, you need to follow through and do it.

Seek opposing views.

If two people always agree, you don’t need one of them. Only one is adding intellectual capital to the company so why pay or two. More than that, seek differences as a way to continuously learn and improve. A wise leader will introduce those new ideas into their plans and adjust accordingly.

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