Three Ways to be a Better Manager

We can always improve at our jobs and with our personalities. This doesn’t mean that we aren’t already doing a good job – it just means that there is room for improvement. Here are three ways that any executive can try to improve.

First, trying to stay positive can have major results. While there are always going to be road blocks and frustrations in the business, a positive outlook can make a huge difference. As Michael Dweck, the founder and CEO of Basic/Outfitters says, “Committing to your work with positive thoughts, your passion will shine through, ultimately leading to positive outcomes.”

It’s important to always think about how you are telling your story – and to realize that you are telling one. People love narratives and they want to follow along with a storyline. Your business is a story and the goals that you have are part of that story. Always keep this in mind when you pitch ideas, sell yourself and the company, try to motivate others, etc.

Think about what you are going to say “no” to as much as what you will say “yes” to.  Harvard Business School professor and best-selling business author David Maister says that careers are defined just as much by what you say “no” to as they are by what you say “yes” to.