Think Outside the Box

It’s not always easy to be different or to think outside the box, but it can go a long way when you are able to do so. One example is the old-fashioned hand-written note. Think about how much it can “wow” a customer to receive a thank you card for their purchase, or to get something that says “Thanks for buying me!” along with their purchase.

One company, for instance, that has cornered the market in this respect is Better World Books. When you order their books, you receive a lengthy email from your “book” thanking you for your purchase and describing the journey ahead. Instead of having a dry email from the company that tells you the expected arrival date of the book and the titles you’ve purchased, they created a first-hand account from your book to you. Brilliant.

These are the types of little business ideas that can make a big difference. And putting a smile on your customer’s face (or that of your employees) can really go a long way.