Four Tips for Being a Good Leader

Being a true leader takes time and thought. It’s not enough to simply hire good people and assume that everything will go smoothly.
Rather, you need to really consider how you are going to lead those people and how you expect them to communicate, to respond to you and more.
Here are four important tips as a leader for ensuring that your workers follow your lead.

1. Delegate well: You’ve hired great people. Now it’s time to let them show you how much they know and can do. Often times, when a leader has gotten to the place of authority that he’s in, it’s very hard to give up the reigns and to trust that others will do things as well as you do them.
But you can’t do everything and you have to trust those around you. You need to learn to delegate the responsibility for completing work and the authority for others to get things accomplished.

2. Set very specific goals.It’s not enough to say that you hope this project will be finished by the end of the month.
You need to break down the tasks in more manageable ways so that you are clear about which pieces need to get done this week, which pieces you expect to see next week and so on. The more specific and goal oriented you can be, the more likely others will be to stick to the plan.

3. Communicate: Make sure that you really communicate with those whom you lead.
You need to keep your employees up-to-date on important news, changes in plans and changes to how you do business.
Make sure you get that information out to your employees and that they give it to those whom they manage as well.

4. Keep the long-term goals in mind: It’s very easy to get sidetracked with short term needs.
Most of us spend our day dealing with the immediate crises that are in front of us and the needs for this week or next week.
But as the leader, it’s important to remember the long term plans and the long term goals.
Don’t forget about these in the day to day activities that have to get done.